Bowdon Hockey Club is proud to be a family-focused community club that operates as part of the Bowdon Club.

We welcome hockey players of all ages and levels, although do operate within a defined membership capacity to ensure all players are given equal opportunity to play and develop.

Prior to joining, you may want to find out a little more about the section you are interested in joining. To do this, take a look at other pages on our website and feel free to reach out via email to the section leads with any questions:




You are also welcome to join a couple of trial training sessions for your relevant section, subject to space being available. For dates and times, please see here.

Additional information and FAQs about junior membership can be found here.

How to join

  1. All hockey players except children in the Minis section (Reception – Year 3) need to be members of the Bowdon Club – this also entitles you to play cricket, squash and racquetball at the club (subject to space). You can find out more and register to join here. For more information about the Bowdon Club and to be directed to information on the other sports on offer, please email [email protected]
  2. To join Bowdon Hockey Club, please apply for membership here.
  3. If we have space in the section, your application will be accepted and you will need to go into your profile to update it, particularly ensuring your contact and medical information is correct.

Hockey membership fees

In addition to Bowdon Club membership, all hockey players need to also join the Hockey section. Specific Hockey section fees for the 22/23 season are published here.

Membership fees for adults are mostly paid directly to Bowdon Club, which cover use of facilities, pitch/floodlight upkeep, insurance etc, with additional match fees paid direct to the Hockey section.

Juniors pay a nominal Bowdon Club membership and Hockey fees direct to the Hockey section for coaching, equipment, competition entries etc.

Making hockey accessible to all

We are committed to ensuring that hockey is an inclusive sport and that financial barriers do not prohibit young people from playing. To address this, we have several measures in place to support access for individuals from all backgrounds.

For more information on this, please email [email protected]. All queries are dealt with in complete confidence and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.