Updated 17th May 2021 – Return to Play England Hockey Stage 5 Guidance

At Bowdon Hockey Club, we are taking COVID responsibilities very seriously.  When training or playing at Bowdon (home or away), adherence to our EH-aligned requirements is necessary, regardless of what is followed elsewhere in schools or other clubs etc.

As from May 17th car sharing is permitted but most other guidance remains the same. Please see the summary of revised guidance here

All participants must read the following and make sure that any juniors attending understand what is expected of them:

Player COVID-19 information

Travel COVID-19 Information

Every hockey team (and some training sessions) must have a ‘Team Covid Officer’ and their key sources of information are as follows:

Team Covid Officer Responsibilities

A team must be submitted for Track and Trace post match using the following instructions:

Covid ClubBuzz Guidance

The one way systems and specator information that must be adhered to can be found here:

Match Day at the Wet Pitch

Match Day at the Devisdale

Match Day at AGSB

Teams that are hosting match-days at one of our three home venues should send the following document to the opposition:

Visitors COVID-19 Guidelines

We have the following guidance for umpires:

Umpire COVID-19 Information

A copy of our Risk Assessment is available on request.