Fees for the 23/24 season are published here (see section ‘Further information, contacts and fees’).

How to pay cashless fees?

ClubBuzz will accrue match fees per game played as well as any additional Junior section fees for one month, with a detailed statement being issued to players via email on the 15th of each month. Should there be any statement queries or issues, [email protected] can be contacted for assistance. The club’s main payment solution for this process is GoCardless direct debit:


Within ClubBuzz, it is possible to set up a GoCardless direct debit instruction to collect all charges accrued for the period to the 15th around the first working day of the following month (users receive an email notification three days before any payment is taken as an additional reminder). The club can still stop direct debit payments before any funds are collected from a player’s bank account, so please raise any issues rather than cancelling your direct debit. This direct debit is separate from the mandate in place to pay membership fees to the overall Bowdon Cricket Hockey & Squash Club as the Hockey section and overall club operate different bank accounts. Also, each player is seen as an individual on ClubBuzz, meaning that the club cannot automatically link family accounts to be paid through a joint direct debit mandate.

How to set up a GoCardless direct debit?

1. Access the corresponding player profile via: https://www.bowdonhockey.co.uk/wp-login.php

2. Select ‘My Player’ in the top menu, then ‘My Profile’ to bring the player’s details up on the screen. After that, click on ‘Direct Debit’ below the player’s name.

3. A new screen with the header ‘Payment Settings’ will open up, allowing you to create a direct debit mandate by selecting the red ‘Set Up A Direct Debit’ button. Enter your bank details in the next step, taking care to press the green ‘Set Up’ button and ‘Confirm’ on the final screen.

Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your list of trusted senders to ensure that statements and notifications do not post to your ‘Spam/Junk’ folder.


To check the balance outstanding on a ClubBuzz account, log in and select the following menu option at the top:
‘My Player’/’My Financial Activity’ – details of charges can be found in the ‘Financial Activity With The Club’ table at the bottom of the screen. Select the red ‘Checkout’ button to pay by debit/credit card or put a direct debit mandate in place to settle fees automatically.

For Student and Adult members, the Hockey Section is only responsible for collecting match fees (‘subs’), with all other aspects of annual membership being managed by the overall Bowdon Cricket Hockey & Squash Club as previously (this requires two separate GoCardless direct debit mandates as the sections and overall club have different banking arrangements).

GoCardless direct debit mandates are now widely used by sports clubs; if there is ever any doubt about which provider has collected a direct debit from your bank account, check the merchant ID associated with the transaction (by date in the direct debit section of your online banking access or at your local bank branch):

Bowdon Hockey Club BOWDONHOCKEY-[personal reference]

Bowdon Cricket Hockey & Squash Club (the ‘overall’ Bowdon Club) BOWDONCRICKE-[personal reference]