CheckmyCCTV Academy sponsor 2020Bowdon Summer Hockey Academy: 20th July – 27 August 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year’s Bowdon Academy Programme is definitely on, generously sponsored by CheckMyCCTV. 

We are sorry that it has taken a little longer than usual to organise…… but we are sure you understand the reasons! It simply has not possible to run it during the weeks running up to the summer holidays, so we have decided to organise it from Monday 20th July until Thursday 27th August. 

This year, the Club will take on the full planning and organising of the Summer Hockey Academy in line with the Club’s COVID-19 Guidance and full Safeguarding Procedures – a copy of the guidance can be found here. The clubhouse will be open for the toilets and the facility to top up water bottles only.

There will be two different sessions tailored to different age groups:


  • Years 6-8: Monday and Wednesday, 1600 to 1730
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  • Years 9-13: Tuesday and Thursday, 1600 to 1730
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  • Subject to uptake, there may also be an option to run joint sessions at the weekends on a Saturday 1030 to 1200 and 1300 to 1430 as well as a Sunday 1400 to 1530. 

As in previous years, we will use a highly-regarded skills and fitness training structure led by our fully qualified coaching squad including members of our Mens and Ladies 1st teams.  We have separated out the ages in order to maximise the appropriate levels of training to age groups as a principle, with selective flexible allocation if appropriate.  Due to the need for distancing, numbers will be limited.  Therefore please register for your place asap, then on confirmation that you have a place, please ensure you make payment within 48 hours to confirm.

For existing members, but especially new members, this is a great chance to show your existing skills as well as your ability to learn and maintain new skills. There will also be friendly games before the start of League Hockey (England Hockey dependent) to give coaches a chance to establish appropriate training and team groupings in preparation for the start of the season ahead.

Places for non-members will be subject to availability and a temporary joining fee.

The pricing options are as follows:


  1. Full Six Week Program for two 1.5 hour sessions Y9+:                                      £140.00 (£7.78 per hour)
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  3. Full Six Week Program for one 1.5 hour session:                                               £70.00
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  5. One Week Program for two sessions:                                                                 £27.00
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  7. One Week Program for one session:                                                                  £13.50 (£9.00 per hour)

For non-members there is also a temporary membership fee of:  £15.00

Places are limited so please complete the online form by no later than Thursday 9th July.  Payment will be required within 48 hours in order for your place to be confirmed.

Online enrolment form is here.   If you have any queries, please email [email protected].

The Club very much looks forward to welcoming you on to our 2020 Academy Programme, which will really help you prepare for the 2020/21 season.

Best regards,

Jonny Grant

Chair Elect on behalf of The Bowdon Hockey Management Committee 


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